Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy looking through the galleries. I love all things old particularly churches, houses, and barns....from the simple to the elegant. I like to think of it as doing my part to preserve history. All these old building and homes have stories...all you have to do is listen to them.

Arkansas is a beautiful state and I look forward to each time I get to go on an "adventure" on the back roads looking for hidden treasures. I'm never disappointed! Even if I don't find something "photo-worthy", it is still a great day driving around this fantastic state and taking in the scenery.

I encourage you to get off the highways and take the back roads. You truly have not seen the heart of Arkansas until you have dust flying behind you on a dirt road or bumping over mountainous trails through the woods. Arkansas has a fabulous network of trails throughout the state and many reward you with beautiful vistas, waterfalls, caves, landscapes, waterscapes, and most of all a great experience with nature.

Thanks for viewing my photographs! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do in taking them!

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